MAD MAN Louie Greeff – Extreme Adventurer

I am an extreme adventurer and technical director and I conceptualise TV and adventure projects based in Africa, although these ideas can be utilised worldwide. Some ideas can be conceived as a joint-venture/co-production, while others are for sale to producers and TV channels worldwide. They range from bizarre to the ridiculous to madcap extreme adventurous. The current TV projects for mid 2014 is I’ll be tackling the world’s most dangerous river, which is full of crocodiles, hippos, killer rapids, wild animals, landmines and man-eating Zambezi shark 14 years after I first conquered it as a world 1st feat. Thereafter an ‘Xtreme Bike Challenge’ pitting 4 International teams against each other riding motorcycles and they have to navigate their journey by means of deciphering and encoding African iconic symbols while getting involved with numerous socio-related tasks to make our world a better place. Not just for now, but for our kids and the future! As an extreme adventurer, I have swum with thousands of crocodiles, man-eating sharks and hippos……all for charity!  Besides being an International artist and art critic, I do various forms of metal sculptures. I am an author on African travel and a travel guide. I am also involved with my partners on overland expeditions for motorcyclists who are looking for “a once in a lifetime experience”. These trips are for veteran riders only. As a malaria fundi with over 25 years of experience, I am chairman of Food Against Diseases Fund and Riders Against Malaria (RAM) and Riders for clean water. My goal is to get as many people as ambassadors and patrons to support these non-profit organisations. I am also looking for members to join RAM and (RFCW)) on our many charity rides to remote villages. I am busy with Motorcycle Ambulance Project (MAP) and I am looking for ambassadors and patrons as well.


I’m an experienced wildlife specialist, travel guide, expert motorcyclist (my BMW motorcycle has over a  million kilometres on the clock) and I am a 4×4 expert.
I’m a survival expert (tropics & deserts).
I own Beyond Xtreme Expeditions and overland adventures.
I write DIY travel books and articles and my travel company offers white water rafting, boogie boarding and bungee jumping as well as canoeing safaris to areas teeming with elephant, buffalo, crocodile, hippo, lion and a variety of antelope.