Format:  13- 26 part, unscripted reality TV seriesDates:  To be advised.Duration: 3 months or a week more!Locations:  The starting point is somewhere in South AfricaDestination: Through a few African countriesExit country:  Any African country south of the equatorTeam Formation:  A team must consist of one male and one female challengersRiding Experience:  If you have a valid motorcycle licenseā€¦no problem. You should have a minimum 6 months riding experience.Help from us:  If you are selected to partake in the semi-finals, you will undergo an on-road/off road training courseStar Rating: 3 STARS     More info:  You can ask any question on the forum and it will be answeredDo you think you have the guts to challenge a balls-to-the wall team from South Africa…or perhaps a team from Germany?
How about Russia? You could be a Yank, Ozzie, Kiwi, Dutchman, Pommie, Nipponese or a Neanderthal, we don’t care a hoot!
But… WARNED! This challenge will take you away from home for months and you will suffer endless pain to both your body (rearend especially) and your ego! If you think you’ll make a good team member, then by all means, take up this challenge and lets see what stuff you are molded from……jelly or muscle? …. The application from can be found HERE  Oh…I need to tell you about the rules and a bit of events;

  • Ya must be 1 male and 1 female per team riding bikes and you’ll have a chase driver in a 4×4 we’ll select from your country to form part of the teamwork! The driver can be either male or female!
  • Ya must do everything as a team to win!
  • Ya-all must be able to ride a motorcycle (rearend work).
  • Ya-all must support each other!
  • Ya-all must be older than 18 with a valid International Bike License. We reserve the right to cut-off at a ripe age of 107. 105 will do ta, and no snivelling pups allowed.
  • Ya-all must be willing to travel in a few African countries. 
  • Ya-all must be willing to sign indemnity contracts!

 The TV series is now called Dirt Only No Tar (DONT) and will commence as soon as we have all relevant financial partners on board. I will keep adding to this topic from time to time